King’s Gate

A High Fantasy Harem

What would you do if you woke up in another world?

That’s exactly the problem facing Alex Burke, a recently employed security guard who accidentally finds himself falling through an ancient teleportation gate. When he opens his eyes, he discovers a world of magic, elves, monsters, and demons, not all of which are eager to meet him.

With no idea how to get home, he’ll need to adapt, grow, and kill to survive.

But Alex is a stranger in a strange land, which means he’s bound to draw interest. Whether that’s from his enemies or the many beautiful women he encounters remains to be seen, but he’ll need every ounce of wit, strength, and charm to conquer both.

Warning: This story contains adult situations, coarse language, and other fun things. Read at your own risk.

"A fun read. Blending many references that I found very amusing. An interesting blend of different cultural mythos. Definitely a must read for those who like mythology an fantasy."

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